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The Parent Company – Mashik

Mashik has been operating in the Israeli and international market since 1989 and specializes in implementing and applying organizational structures, improving processes, implementing technologies in projects in the field of procurement, logistics and the supply chain. The company has proven experience in making organizational processes more efficient, lowering costs and providing tools for real time control and supervision by using innovative technologies and methodologies.

Mashik has four divisions: Technologies, Supply Chain, Outsourcing, and Procurement, all which contribute to leading its customers to business excellence. Sourcing Vision operates as a subsidiary that is completely owned by Mashik, and specializes in software solutions for the fields of procurement and supply chain management.

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Mashik Technologies

Mashik Procurement Technologies is a unique and professional software company operating in the field of Internet-based IT systems since 2003, under its previous name of Isronet, and under its new name, Mashik Procurement Technologies, since 2008.

The vast experience that we have collected from completing diverse projects is expressed in our high level of expertise in the software field: planning, research, development and integration of Internet-based systems. Mashik provides e-commerce and procurement solutions to many companies and organizations. These solutions improve company performance in its internal activities, as well as nurturing the business image for its external clients.

We at Mashik Procurement Technologies know how to provide advanced technological solutions in the arena of local e-commerce in Israel in the international market.

Throughout our years of operation, Mashik Procurement Technologies focuses on providing complete and comprehensive solutions for its clients, including consulting, requirement definition and development in diverse fields, and translating them into a professional, impressive, and efficient technological platform that is soundly built, while improving the commercial and marketing abilities of its clients.

The Software Offered by the Company

All of the software is cloud oriented and provided as Software as a Service (Saas).

The software offered:

All of the software is Multi-language and work with all of the prominent Internet browsers.

Information security

This Internet-based system provides services in the Software as a Service (SaaS) method and is protected by a Juniper firewall.  All access to the servers is carried out through a virtual private network (VPN) from predefined Internet addresses.  Access of authorized users (buyers and vendors) is carried out by a username, a 128 bit SSL encrypted password and a 2048 bit electronic signature (enabled by the use of tokens). The system is protected by a Firewall Web Application, in addition to an updated antivirus that is installed on the servers; software updates are immediately installed and the system is only exposed to port 443. The system performs periodic infiltration checks with ComSec, and the electronic signatures are checked by our own electronic signature servers. The system operates on designated cloud servers located in the 012 server farm.

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