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The vendor portal provides a direct link between the customer and their vendors by connecting via the Internet to ERP systems.

The vendor portal provides the organization’s vendors with updated information of orders and invoices in a timely, friendly and convenient manner. S*vision Portal also allows the transfer of invoices from vendors directly to the organization’s system. A number of vendor-customer related operations can be carried out over the Internet, such as: sending an order, price lists, reports of new inventory entering into the warehouse and most important – both the viewing and the operations are performed from a secure designated internet site.

The system’s information is transferred according to international standards.

Systems Components

The Systems Components

  • A module for incoming electronic invoices – the invoices are received after several checks are carried out by the system.
  • An orders module – enables the computerized issuing of orders from the customer to their vendors.
  • Various reports and status management – assists customers and their vendors in routine transactions and updates.
  • Administrative module – electronic signatures, registering a vendor and allocating passwords.
  • A prepayment module – enables the vendor to be prepaid in lieu of a discount.


  • Orders
  • Dynamic price bids
  • Shipping documents
  • Return documents
  • Status of open orders
  • Request for prepayment








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