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The software for managing contracts and agreements allows the organization to save and retrieve a large number of documents with various vendors (as well as with any other business associate – renters, customers, consultants, and more).

The software enables the retrieval of a contract according to criteria/parameters existing in the system.

There are various alerts available concerning significant dates of the contract and agreements. In addition, when a contract or agreement is opened, all of the relevant documents are available to the user.


Advantages of the software

  • The software is securely operated in an Internet-cloud environment
  • The customer using the software will receive alerts regarding significant dates, such as:
    • The end of the contract.
    • The end of relevant insurance for a contract.
    • The end of a contract’s bank guarantee that requires renewal.

The alerts are sent by e-mail to buyers and managers in the organization.

  • The system enables the collection of information concerning various objects in the system, such as:
    • Establishing a vendor and their details, including various categories in which they operate.
    • Establishing a buyer and their details, and connecting the relevant documents concerning their activities.
    • Defining a list of authorized people for a specific contract.
  • Contract documents can be collected and retrieved from the system, no matter how large and in various formats Word, PDF, TIF, and more.
  • A table containing a collection of all the documents can be viewed and information can be easily retrieved.  The table can also be exported to Word or Excel.








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