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S*vision BidBox allows a tender or a request for a bid to be directly sent in real time to selected vendors already in the system.  At the end of the process, S*vision BidBox displays a table or the results for easy comparison.

The system provides
The system's advantages
The system allows

The system provides:

  • Capabilities to manage price bids.
  • Reports for easily comparing bids from vendors.
  • Dialogue support with the vendors concerning changes in delivery dates, quantities and prices.

The systemיs advantages

  • Transparency of activities with vendors and the organization’s management.
  • Effective, paperless, Internet-based work, without e-mails and faxes.
  • A tailor made solution completely suited to the organization’s processes of receiving bids.
  • Uniform processes and documentation.
  • Shortened processes.

The system allows:

  • Negotiating the lowering of vendor prices.
  • Compatibility to decision making processes in the organization.
  • Exposure to the company’s almost 20,000 vendors, according to category.
  • The vendors can upload media files when they are electronically signed.

The system is Internet-based, so the vendors do not need to install it – they access the system with a user name and password.

  • External parties can be connected (automatically sending material concerning the tender, receiving bids, and processing the results).
  • The use of the Internet as an available work platform that is friendly and simple to use – there is no need for user installation or software updates.
  • Automatically creates of a table of results for easy comparison.
  • Completely complies with the Mandatory Tenders Law – 1992.

Principles of the implementation process

Mashik will carry out several types of instruction:

  • For buyers – instruction will be provided to work with the system, the application, the processes and specific screens for buyers.
  • For vendors – instruction for vendors on how to enter the system, how to submit bids, how to manage bids, how to be in contact with the customer, etc.








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